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Nov. 7th, 2015

We hope that everyone who attend the seminar of CIFTF can donate our non-profit institute at any amount to obtain the tickets to enter our seminar. No matter how many amount you donate, it can be used to cover your taxable income.


10:00am: Jury members meeting. Guests spend their free time in the morning.

2:00pm -4:00pm: Seminar

Location: CFTI conference room

Main Speaker:

Elizabeth English: Founder of Moondance International Film Festival


  1. First Impressions: Titles & Loglines
  2. Insider tips: How to Win a Film Festival


4:30pm-6:30pm: Formal discussion

Members: the organizing committee of the 1st Teenage Photo Exhibition; The members whose productions have entered the next round of competition; Some of the youngest film workers in BC; Some students in the film industry

Location: Canadian Film and Television Institute


Mimi Tian: President of the 1st Teenage Photo Exhibition

Representatives of teenage filmmakers (age <25)

7:00pm: Dinner for VIP guests provided by the organizing committee