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The Status and Reputation of the Vancouver Film Industry


Since 1910, Vancouver has always been a dream destination for Hollywood filmmakers. Over the century, the beliefs of these filmmakers did not change; their enthusiasm towards Vancouver has never diminished, only grown.

Now, in the 21st century, Vancouver has become the third largest centre for the film industry in North America. Vancouver has become a go-to location for many producers due to the low production costs and a climate conducive for all-year shooting; giving it a nickname of “Hollywood North”. Many blockbusters, such as, Mission Impossible, Twilight, and Finding Mr. Right, were all filmed in Vancouver. Moreover, Walt Disney Animation and a number of Hollywood 3D post-productions are being done in Vancouver today. Another piece of exciting news, Sony Pictures Image Works Inc. will be moving their headquarters to Vancouver, BC on June 2nd, 2014!

Since the year 2000, the film industry has brought upon average revenue of USD $10 billion to the city of Vancouver, BC, yearly. The film industry has become one of the largest sources of employment and economic activities in Vancouver; approximately 36,000 jobs are created annually, helping to increase the employment rate in Canada.

It was once stated in a newspaper article that: Vancouver is a city, which has the ability to replace any city in the United States.

According to the British Columbia Council of Film Unions report, in 2005, over 200 films — which include 63 blockbusters, 37 films, 31 on-going dramatic series, 15 mini-series, 5 short series, 20 documentary films, 16 short-length films, and 24 animation projects — were produced in BC.

There are many reasons for the success of the film industry in Vancouver. Firstly, there are many world-class film production companies and advanced facilities located in Vancouver. Secondly, there are many experienced and trained professionals and crews who have dedicated themselves to the film industry. Lastly, there are many film institutions, which aim to train and educate the future generation. Recently, there has also been a newly opened institution, the Canadian Film and Television Institute, which uniquely trains students in the areas of film that they are interested in. We hope to inspire the new generation of exquisite talent.

In Vancouver, the film industry has received great support from the government. The Vancouver government provides a tax refund to all film and television productions up to 33% of the production cost. Documentary and other film productions also receive support from many local organizations, such as the North America (International) Multicultural Filmmakers Society. In addition, James Cameron, the popular Canadian film director and the producer of two of the largest box office films, Titanic and Avatar, as well as other native filmmakers, are great role models for the new generation.

Most people believe that Hollywood is the center of the majority film productions in the world. However, most of the Hollywood’s famous blockbusters are financially supported by Canadian film production companies, which invest over 35% of the whole production budget.

Thus, for all these reasons, we have decided to host our Canada International Film and Television Festival in the beautiful, Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to promote multiculturalism around the world. We believe that Vancouver, with both essence of the western and eastern cultures, will be a successful start to our mission. We deeply believe that our 1st annual Canada International Film and Television Festival will be one of the most exciting and unique events among all film festivals around the world!