2015 2nd Canada International Film and Television Festival (CIFTF)



The 2nd CIFTF Award Ceremony was held at Anvil centre in the City of New

Westminster on Nov.8, 2015. CIFTF was co-organized by North America

International Multicultural Filmmaker Society(NAIMFS) & Canada Film and

Television Institute(CFTI). To generalize multiculturalism is absolutely

necessary topic in the film and television festival event.















The list of governor in this film festival is included in

Ms. Martin (Yonah Martin)

Canadian Federal Senate Co-President

Mr. Wang Qiang

Chinese Consulate of Culture Department for Vancouver,

Mr. Richard Lee

MLA for Burnaby North

Mr.Bill Harper

The Mayor of New Westminster

Honorable Alice Wong’s Adssistant

Member of Parliament for Richmon



2nd CIFTF Award list:

  1. Best Rising Star Pre-Vision Award

Sai Gao –Awaiting for Angels

  1. Best Teenage Maiden Work Pre-Vision Award

Showna Xie—Lost and Found

  1. Best Documentary Crystal Leopard Award

Tricks on the Dead

  1. Best Documentary Special Award

Go Together

Produced by Beijing Film Academy

  1. Best Short Film Crystal Leopard Award

Habitual Aggression

Produced by Temi Oji

  1. Best Television Series Golden LeopardAward


  1. Lifetime Achievement Golden Leopard Award


  1. Global Influence Golden Leopard Award

Mr. Ralph Zondag & Mr. Dick Zondag

  1. Multicultural Special Golden Leopard Award

Children of War

  1. Best New Artist

Lintong Xie

(Goddesses in the Flames of War)&(Lost and Found)

  1. Best Original Screenplay Golden Leopard Award

Ms. Mimi Tian

HOT. ST & Godfather (Chinese Edition)

  1. Best Original Screenplay Golden Leopard Award

Ms. Mimi Tian

HOT. ST & Godfather (Chinese Edition)

  1. Best Leading Actor Golden Leopard Award

Mr. Debebe Retta

Red Leaves

  1. Best Director Golden Leopard Award


  1. Best Leading Actress GOLDEN LEOPARD AWARD

Ms. Jill Jaress–The One-Nighter

  1. Best Asia Feature Film Golden Leopard Award

Wolf Totem

















Mrs. Demi Zhang gave a speech at the Awards Ceremony; she said “I saw the

multiculturalism has fulfilled this film festival. It is worth to build up my

lifetime career organizing this film festival with my team. Today, our guest

from all over the world attended our film festival and half of which are from

Hollywood, this is a victory of multiculturalism. I will gratefully thank you to

all of you for your great support. Canada consists multiculturalism, in which

encourages people with different cultures and nations. I am sure that we are

our annual film festival will be more successful next year!”

Comparing with film festival last year, we have an addition of 60 film

submissions, in a total of 100 this year. It becomes more competitive among

all the potential applicants. The most exciting moment is to present the Best

Film Golden Leopard Award– the winner is a feature film Wolf Totem

produced by China Film Group Corporation & Beijing Forbidden City Film


 I use to working for china Group Corporation for 20 years. It is my honor to

invite the company Representative to attend this festival. However, I did not

for personal reasons and give them to enter through the back door. Actually,

all jury members from all over the world give the highest mark for this film.

Their victory in the film festival is merited.















Mr. Xie Gang ( Representative of China Film Group Corporation) to deliver

their acceptance speech for film “Wolf totem”.























































The film “wolf totem” shows the different china film to the western audience.

There is the warmest applause all the awards and to make the ceremony

atmosphere reached a climax.

CIFTF as world connection platform deeply affect the culture communication

of the five continents. The committee of film festival announced that the 3nd

CIFTF will be opening in August 8, 2016. Welcome to all film industry elite

come and competes and encourages more friends to carry forward multiculturalism.






























Picture: the produce and director of “star war”, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffin.

He said “I had tons of fun working in an animation. I enjoy the opportunities

afforded by storytelling, using a medium in which you can do anything.”















The group picture of judging committee


























































There are five award presenters for “ wolf totem”.

The first left is Mr. Wang Qiang (Chinese Consulate of Culture Department for Vancouver)

The last is Mr. Richard Lee (MLA for Burnaby North)

“Wolf totem” is in nine finalists heavyweight film only shortlisted Chinese movie.

8 also are Hollywood heavyweight of the better ones, but in the end the judges think

“Wolf totem” changed the traditional narrative of Chinese films, but for the first time

of man and nature, between people true feelings in the first place, the simple and

natural, wins the favor of all the judges.














































































































































Ms. Demi Zhang, (the dean of CFTI, film festival jury) led famous filmmaker,

which are includes the Hollywood movie “the lion king” director Mr. Robert

Minkoff, former Emmy vice

President and the French national knight medal winner, Mr. Georges Leclere,

nearly a third of north Hollywood industry such as the famous people.

















































































































































































Since the first at the Venice film festival in 1932, to undertake various types of

film festival has been more than a thousand in the global world. Many excellent

works received worldwide recognition and reward. As a young film festival, CIFTF

shoulder the mining outstanding multicultural film from five continents, especially

from the developing countries.

As CIFTF purposes described above, each culture is unique and irreplaceable, also

cannot be compared, produced in different countries and regions of movie also

cannot treat as the same. Warm embrace with open arms and enjoy a variety of

multicultural film, seek cooperation is CIFTF ‘s intentions and goals.











































































Ms. Martin (Yonah Martin)

Canadian Federal Senate Co-President

Ms. Martin ‘s speech was to encourage Film and TV industry professionals from

different culture background. All artist’s talent and ability not only delivery hope

to us, but also exhibit the beautiful quintessence of human civilization.




















Mr. Wang Qiang

Chinese Consulate of Culture Department for Vancouver,

Mr. Wang Qiang said that excellent movie is just as opening window, which let all

film professionals to understand and enjoy the multiculturalism. Chinese government

pays extremely close attention on film industry. In recent years, the vigorous development

of the domestic film is a good example. In 2014, the Chinese film industry has invested

more than $500 million in film and TV productions annually. He believes that CIFTF

would be creating a bridge between China and North America and unite professionals

from different background and cultures to create more outstanding works in the future.



















Ms.Demi, Zhang –the president of CIFTF, the dean of CFTF, The president of NAIMFS



















Senators Mr. Richard Lee present to Demi letters issued by the former


















Picture above : Ms. Martin (Yonah Martin) Canadian Federal Senate Co-President
















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