3D Animation Conference

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3D Animated Feature Films and Technology Seminar

For the duration of the Canada International Film and Television Festival

3D animated feature films and games have become increasingly popular in this era. Animated fantasy films with imaginative and exaggerated expressions of art features also capture a large group of audience. This unprecedented growth experience by the animation industry has created many career and project opportunities for this generation. This conference will go in depth to explore the cultural trends and humanistic spirit of animated feature films. The main purpose of this conference is to promote the aesthetic values and social functions of animated feature films and to appreciate the essence of art. With new distribution methods and continual technological developments, this creative practice will have many paths to reach the worldwide audience.

The main topic of this forum is “Animated Film Art and Technology”. The audience will have the opportunity to explore the aesthetic perspective of animated films, the animated production techniques and technologies, the stages of inspirational creation and development, and the appreciation of animated productions. A series of events will take place during this film festival. Some events include: animation themed events, animated feature film exhibitions, animation production arts and technology, film experts’ forum, special film events, etc. This forum offers a platform for all 3D animation professionals to exchange their ideas and experiences, and become inspired and innovated. 

Film Experts’ Forum:

A networking event for all animation producers to share their experiences.

Highly experienced 3D animation producers will present and share their valuable producing experiences. The main topic of this forum is animated productions art and technology. The audience will have the opportunity to interact with these 3D animation professional during theoretical discussions and interactive activities. 


Western and Eastern Animation Production Arts and Technology Seminar

Animation companies and major art studios will be invited to discuss the promotion of 3D animated films, and the advantages of 3D animation technology. Topics include: Compare and Contrast of Animation Production Contents, Technological Innovation and Aesthetic Expression, Animated Film Industry Consolidation and Brand Operations, Foster of Future Animation Professionals.

Compare and Contrast of Animation Productions:

Through comparing and contrasting Disney DreamWorks’ productions with other animated productions, we will be able to distinguish the differences in culture, technology, the content of the animated films, reputation, sales, etc. In today’s film industry, the value and quality of animated film productions have been highly improved, and well invested. 

Technological Innovations and Aesthetic Expression:

Focus will be placed upon how technological innovations have contributed to animation production. Some believe that the development and advances of technology are highly driven by the screenplay; in fact, it is technology that resolves the problems of the screenplay. Thus, it is extremely important to combine both technological innovations and aesthetic expression. Some also believe that the success of animated films is more dependant on screenplay than the 3D technology; in fact, the key element to its success is in the narration. 

Animated Film Industry Consolidation and Brand Operations:

Focus will be placed upon the business conventions of the animated film industry. The film industry has become a very important part of the today’s world economy, as its success causes great impacts to other industries involved. When animated films obtain their copyrights and receive substantial interest, other industries involved benefit from this publicity as well. Thus, today’s film industry has a highly influential status in the market, and stimulates the developments and advances of other industries. 

Foster of Future Animation Professionals:

This topic is aimed towards representatives from the film industry, and film education experts. Discussion topics will include: effective training methods, techniques, and theories. We will also compare and contrast the eastern and western instructional methods. 



* We encourage students to the youth generation to chase their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals. Instructors are responsible to give guidance and help students to achieve their goals and dreams. 

* Technology is an important element, not only in animation, but also in film production. Technological advances have made huge impacts to today’s film industry. Thus, it is essential to combine both technology and aesthetic expressions in animated productions. 

* The conference includes discussions from the perspective of content, art value, and technology, rather than from the industrial and commercial point of view. It is also very important to note, high-quality animation productions won’t be successful unless producers pay special attention to the content, art value, and technological elements of the film. 

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