CIFTF Film Market

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CIFTF Film Market 

Duration: November 8, 2014 – November 18, 2014


The CIFTF Film Market is a trading platform for inter national filmmakers to interact and socialize. Special events and showcases being held will allow technological companies and worldwide film commissions to freely discuss cooperations and trades in the film industry. We will also be cooperating with the American Film Association to host a Hollywood Film Expert Workshop. Professionals from all the world will be invited to share this valuable experience with young Chinese filmmakers. In addition, film and television companies will have the opportunity to hold a variety of activities, such, press releases, recruitment events, media conferences, etc.

The scheduling of events are very flexible. It will be set accordingly to the availability of the organizers, sponsors, and guests. This following example is only for reference:

Special Events:

Co-production of foreign films, Cross-market interaction

Film promotion (film releases, and film trading)

Television enterprise promotion (event booked be sponsors)

3D animated feature film exhibition

Discussion and Conference for top film educational experts

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