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Film Education Conference

A conference during the Canada International Film and Television Festival


This conference will provide all film educators with a platform to have discussions about their teaching methods. We believe that through this conference, we are able to promote the greatness of the film industry. We are willing to dedicated ourselves to this cause.

The conference is divided in three major sections: Film Studies and Educational Seminar, Instructors Forum, and Special Workshop.


Film Studies and Educational Seminar:

Representatives from prestigious film institutions, and highly experienced film professionals from all around the world will attend this conference. During this conference, professionals will be able to share their ideas and teaching methods. Our goal is to help students develop the practical skills they need to become film professionals in the future. We realize the difference between the western and eastern educational methods and this is a right time for us to discuss these different teaching methods as well as educational systems.


Instructors Forum:

Speeches will be given by highly experienced instructors. It will mainly be about film studies, and how to become a successful film professional in the industry. Students will be allowed to ask questions during the forum. There will also be discussions on networking building, and professional crew responsibilities, etc.


Special Workshop:

This is a special two-hour performance workshop opened to all our guests. Participants will be given topics and opportunity to participate in short skit performances. This is a great opportunity to promote different educational concepts and teaching methods. Participants will also be able to experience the uniquest of the Canadian Film and Television Institute’s teaching methods.

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